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Can I Convert My Weber BBQ From Propane to Natural Gas?

Updated: Mar 10

We get asked this question multiple times a day from March to August every year. So we decided to finally write a little piece about it, breaking down what needs to be done and how it's unfortunately not as easy as some people would hope.

It is possible to convert a Weber BBQ from propane to natural gas or vice versa, but what needs to happen depends on the specific model and its compatibility with the other fuel type. Sometimes it's as easy as changing out the orifices and hose, but sometimes you'll have to change out the whole manifold (which is the piece connected to the knobs controlling the BBQ's temperatures).

Weber tells us to tell our customers to reach out directly to them if a conversion is something they are considering because liability is a huge concern. If something were to go wrong and this was not done by a professional and licensed gas fitter it would void all warranties and could potentially be a situation that is not covered by your home insurance. Additionally, working with gas can be dangerous and requires specialized knowledge and tools.

Long story short is that it's not as easy as we would like it to be, and from a cost stand point it can possibly end up being the price of a new BBQ. That's not something we love telling people but that is the reality of the situation, especially with the rising demand of gas fitters, prices have soared over the last few years.

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