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What is the best BBQ? Propane/Natural Gas/Charcoal/Wood?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

When people are looking for a new BBQ they usually know what type of BBQ they want (propane, natural gas, charcoal, or wood pellet) but usually what differs is the brand. But what if you’re just starting out getting into the grilling scene and not sure about the difference between the variety of ways to grill. Well here’s a short breakdown of some of the benefits of each type of BBQ, to help make your decision a little easier when you go to purchase your first grill or are looking for a change from what you already have:


The biggest upside of buying a propane BBQ is the portability factor, and if you end up moving down the road you can bring it along with you without worrying about buying a new BBQ. Propane along with Natural Gas is able to get hotter faster so people do like that aspect if they need to cook something up quickly without much preparation. The issue people find with propane BBQs is the price of refilling propane, especially if they BBQ frequently. Also potentially running out of propane in the middle of a grilling session because of not knowing how much propane is left in their tank can be frustrating.

Natural Gas: If you have the luxury to choose between natural gas or propane we recommend going with the natural gas grill. Even though it doesn’t have the portability capacity propane grills do, natural gas has many other benefits. First natural gas is a much cleaner fuel source not to mention you never have to worry about running out because it’s pumped right into your house/condo. You never have to worry about propane tanks or the fact that your regulator on your BBQ needs to be replaced. It’s as simple as taking your hose and connecting it to your natural gas box and you should be ready to grill instantly.


Most people are used to grilling with gas grills because of their overall convenience of being able to turn on and off their grills without much difficulty or mess. But if you decide one day to indulge in charcoal grilling you’ll come across a whole new grilling experience. Many BBQ diehards say charcoal grilling is the only way to BBQ and that’s because of the unique flavour smoky flavour charcoal is able to provide. Charcoal grilling can be difficult at times because it’s not as easy as turning a knob to regulate the heat of the grill and it’s something that can take time to get used to before getting the hang of it. Also they can be a hassle to clean but as a whole grilling experience it’s something that’s unique and unlike your normal bbq routine. 

Wood Pellet:

Cooking on wood pellet grills has been the largest growing trend in the last several years. If you talk to anyone with a wood pellet grill they’ll tell you they love it and the taste of the food is unmatched but at the same time they’ll let you know that if you aren’t someone who likes to wait for their food then it’s probably not the grill for you. Since with wood pellet grills its strictly indirect heat the cooking process can take significantly longer depending on what you’re cooking. Once you get up to a certain temperature it will take you the same amount of time to cook a chicken breast on a wood pellet grill as your regular gas BBQ because the temperatures are the same; it will just take longer for that wood pellet grill to get up to that temperature your normal gas grill would get up to within minutes. With wood pellet grills people tend to smoke their meats on it and cook their foods at significantly lower temperatures than your typical gas grill. Because they cook at those low temperatures for hours on end, the juices of the meats they cook retain within the meat itself rather than dripping away to the bottom of the grill. This cooking process adds so much more flavour and just enhances and maximizes your overall grilling experience. 

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